Positive Environment Helps Foster Healing!

Do your employees view their glass as half-empty or half-full? Your answer may reflect their outlook on life. Does their attitude show them to be optimistic or pessimistic? Positive thinking helps with stress management and can improve their health. There have even been studies done that show the power of positive thinking and how it can affect how long, and how well, they live.

An injured worker is the best candidate to get started down the path of positive thinking. It all begins with how a workplace injury is handled. Do you show concern for your employee’s health and well being after an accident? Do you evaluate the area where the employee was injured? Do you send them off to see the doctor in a timely matter? These areas set the tone for an injured employee to start developing a positive attitude. Dealing with an injury is hard enough! Help the employee understand the process, and what will be happening over the period of healing. This also confirms other employees’ perception of your company to be one that is concerned about their health.

Developing a solid plan for injured employees is key to their success and a speedy return to work. Implementing an early return to work program is vital to your success as an employer. Health and Wellness Rooms can provide a positive atmosphere that can foster that optimistic attitude. Having a place for your injured workers to go, while remaining on the payroll, shows a concern for the employee’s well-being and their injury. In the Health and Wellness Room they can be educated about their injury. Understanding their injury reduces stress, which is a foe of positive thinking. 

During their recovery, it is important to maintain contact with the injured employee. Health and Wellness Room Coordinators have a day to day contact with each injured employee. With the help of the Health and Wellness Room Coordinators, a positive attitude is developed! This helps the injured employee gain knowledge and insight into their treatment plan and return to work. The Health and Wellness Room helps the injured employee remain active and not complacent. When an employee lies on the couch to try and heal, it only enhances their pessimistic thoughts. Get that worker off the couch and into a Health and Wellness Room, and start changing their outlook on life. Create an environment that only fosters positive thinking!

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