Early Return to Work Program

return-to-work-107x159.jpgEarly Return-To-Work” is our proven, post-accident prevention program that minimizes workers’ compensation costs and reduces overall losses. The program’s goal is to coordinate and oversee, with proper medical approval, a plan for employees’ return to work, even if it requires a temporary shift in job responsibilities administered through our light-duty program—The Health and Wellness Room. The Proof:Positive Return-To-Work program can:

  • Foster and enhance the physical and psychological recovery process for the injured workers.
  • Reduce medical, disability, and lost time costs.
  • Reduce indirect accident costs.
  • Minimize the chance of re-injury.
  • Encourage cooperation between employees and management.
  • Establish a more stable workforce.
  • Enhance the injured employees sense of confidence and well-being.

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Workplace Injuries Cost Businesses Like Yours $554 Billion in 2003

Cost of on-the-job injuries, 2003The cost of on-the-job injuries can counteract every effort a company makes to maximize productivity, client service, and profits. The massive costs associated with these injury claims are an indication that companies are struggling to balance the need for a safe, productive work environment with the demand to increase efficiencies and improve profit margin. But as American industrialist Lee Iacocca once suggested, if you get the people part right, the rest will fall into place; on-the-job injuries will decrease, workers’ compensation costs will drop, and performance will peak. More…

The Proof:Positive Method

All Proof:Positive programs feature a highly-structured combination of classroom study, physical therapy, and wellness education conducted by medically-trained safety experts. Our commitment to generating results for our clients begins when we are contracted to…


The Proof:Positive Model

Proof:Positive is a full-service consulting consortium that aids in reducing and preventing workplace injuries, neutralizing fraud, and saving valuable insurance dollars; our mission is to reduce injury and illness costs. We accomplish this by raising the awareness of health and safety…


The Proof:Positive Objective

At Proof:Positive, our objective is to make worksites safer, more efficient, and more profitable. We accomplish this by providing comprehensive light-duty and safety programs that cut operational costs and speed return to work for employees on temporary disability.


The Health and Wellness Room

Health and Wellness RoomBy providing injured workers with meaningful projects and ongoing training, The Health and Wellness Room keeps employees from falling “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” and returns employees to work 50 percent faster than disability leave spent at home. Here is how it works:

  • Injured workers attend classes to learn about safety and  proper medical treatment. 
  • Proof:Positive staff coordinates with claims adjusters and medical providers to ensure treatment is progressing on schedule.
  • Proof:Positive develops customized, productive activities—in cooperation with the employee’s supervisor and within physician’s authorization—that keep the employee working and on the payroll.
  • Attendance in the Proof:Positive program is mandatory, which provides accountability measures.
  • Work hardening prepares the employee to return to their original job.
  • The Health and Wellness Room eliminates time off, thereby acting as a deterrent of fraudulent or malingering claims.