About Us

Proof:Positive founder, Tom Hyatt, spent years in the medical and distribution industries, which showed him the need for a more cost effective approach to the overwhelming challenges that workers compensation claims present.
Tom Hyatt
Founder, CEO
20+ years in medical and distribution industries
5,000+ workersrehabilitated
$200M+ dollarssaved for clients in workers comp

Tom Hyatt saw a way to transform the return-to-work program into an offering that benefited both employer and employee. These observations are what led Mr. Hyatt to organize a group of health professionals from various areas of the medical field to serve as safety instructors.

With that - in 1999 - Proof:Positive Consulting was founded

Dr.Thomas Iwashita

With Tom Hyatt and Dr.Thomas Iwashita at the helm, Proof:Positive’s research findings helped identify critical “post- injury” needs that were not being addressed by existing service and safety teams. In response, an existing solution called the Health and Wellness Room was improved upon to help solve the workers compensation dilemma.

Proof Positive currently operates a dozen Health and Wellness Room programs that help return injured employees to work quickly and safely. We also eliminate claim “malingering” and improve accountability of the entire worker’s compensation process

Praised by
corporate executives
medical doctors
rehabilitated workers
Our objective is to make worksites
more efficient
more profitable

We provide comprehensive safety programs that cut operational costs and speed return to work for employees on workers workers compensation and temporary disability