Proof:Positive Announces the Creation and Installation of it’s First Centralized Health and Wellness Room

RED BLUFF, CA –¬†Originally designed to provide a unique and resource saving program for the single user employer in the Retail Distribution Industry, The Health and Wellness Room has been evolved to help smaller, similarly-situationed employers to share the cost burden with each other while still enjoying the benefits of Proof:Positive’s Health and Wellness Room Program.The new site, located in Ontario, Calif., is cross promoted through a Joint Venture with Mainstay Business Solutions, and caters to the Temporary Employment Industry. By reducing the employers’ lost days of Total Temporary Disability (TTD) to zero, and utilizing Proof:Positive’s behind the scene case management, each employer reduces it’s current years’ losses and gains future premium savings. Proof:Positive intends to install several more Centralized Health and Wellness Rooms in the Southern California market in the near future as it’s Joint Venture Expands.

Incorporated in California before the turn of the millennium, Proof:Positive Consulting Consortium was founded to apply forward thinking to the Worker’s Compensation Industry. The Company operates several Single User Health and Wellness Room Programs in California, Texas, and Washington, and is operating with a specific expansion strategy.

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