URMURM Stores – URM is one of the largest privately owned companies in the Pacific Northwest. Service is provided to over 160 grocery stores and over 1,500 hotels, restaurants, and convenience stores.

KrogerKroger Foods – Kroger operates retail food and drug stores, multi-department stores, jewelry stores and convenience stores under a dozen labels, throughout the United States. They also manufacture and processes some of the food for sale in its supermarkets.

PactivPactiv Corporation (Red Bluff Plant) – Pactiv is a producer of consumer and foodservice/food packaging products. Its Consumer Products segment manufactures and sells disposable plastic, foam, molded-fiber, pressed-paperboard and aluminum-packaging products to consumer markets, such as grocery stores, mass merchandisers and discount chains.

SafewaySafeway, Inc. – Safeway is a major food and drug retailer, with thousands of stores in North America.

McKessonMcKesson Drug – The largest pharmaceutical distributor in North America. Every day McKesson distributes one-third of the medicines used in North America, supplying more than 40,000 U.S. health care locations from Wal-Mart to the Department of Veterans Affairs to community pharmacies.

Client Testimonials

Your company provides us with an effective injury management system and controls, which has produced significant reductions in our injuries and costs. Your program has been extremely valuable because of the accountability it creates between the employees, supervisors, and management. Proof:Positive has become part of the team and part of our success.
– Dave Gigli, Senior DC Manager, Kroger Food Stores

“Proof Positive has been instrumental in helping us demonstrate improvements in our key OSHA Safety Metrics and reducing our exposure to workers’ compensation costs…Metrics were improved 65-70% (in year 1), 81% (in year 2), and practically non-existent (in year 3)…We began our relationship with Proof Positive in 2004 due to high injury rates and the highest Workers’ Compensation costs in the company. [Since 2007] our key OSHA Safety Metrics have been at World Class levels, with Total Case Incident Rate and Lost Time/Restricted Time Case Rate = 0.36 and 0.54 respectively. Our Workers’ Compensation costs have been reduced by over 90%. We have continued to incorporate them into our Health and Safety efforts as an integral part of our overall program. I would strongly recommend this program…and suggest anyone to tailor the use of Proof Positive to achieve your expectations.
– Mitch Brehm, Plant Manager, Pactiv Corporation

Proof:Positive and its representatives have always been very professional and your knowledge of safety policies and procedures, accident investigation methods and techniques, has proven to be extremely valuable. The documentation and reporting system has produced effective communications and a team effort in drastically reducing incidents and injuries while creating greater safety awareness throughout the warehouse.
– Russ Kennedy, Operations Manager, URM Stores Inc.

“A 30% reduction in worker’s compensation: $650,000 reduction in credits written, and this led to reductions to labor expense – both in warehouse and transportation – just some of the savings we enjoyed.”
– Greg Tarr, President, URM Stores Inc. (URM Today)