Agility Testing

Do your employees know how to use their equipment properly and without putting themselves in harm’s way? Providing your workers with the necessary knowledge to effectively perform their tasks is essential for workplace safety, and putting this knowledge to work is the business of the Agility Testing Program for Proof:Positive’s Ergonomics Division.

What does Agility Testing do?
With a network of expert trained and knowledgeable staff in more than fifteen (15) locations across the country, Agility Testing plays a key role in focusing on a series of tests designed to measure a participant’s strength and/or functional abilities as they relate to performing daily activities in their workplace. In addition to determining their physical capabilities, an integral aspect of the test also measures their ability to apply and recall specific requirements to the test being performed – on a repetitive basis. Because of this “job specific” testing, the guaranteed results of Agility Testing are many and varied.

However, the Agility Testing’s most significant accomplishments are not only the result of physical qualification and mental aptitude. Rather, it is a product of the deliberate planning, disciplined implementation, and systematic evaluation of job duty and application – which meets the needs of the employer.

How does the Agility Testing Process Begin?
Agility Testing Programs are created through a process called Program Development.  This custom tailoring is defined as, “a deliberate process through which Proof:Positive and the client engage in the planning, implementing and evaluating of operations and custom tailor plans of action for addressing specific needs and issues that have been identified.”

Program Development occurs at all levels of the Proof:Positive application, however, the focus of Agility Testing is on developing testing programs in partnership with clients who have a need to specific areas of their operation. The Ergonomic Division of Proof:Positive uses a program development process specific to Agility Testing, made up of five (5) distinct, but interrelated, phases.

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