Streamlined Claim Handling Procedures

Health care providers sometimes misunderstand the nature of an employee’s work, and employers are often uncertain about the treatment plan and prognosis of the injured worker. The lack of communication sidetracks good intentions for early return to work and proactive claim management. This can cost your organization big.

Proof:Positive can help you communicate your work by completing an analysis of your jobs, share this information with your providers and enable them to look at your processes where it relates to employee injuries. We can help ensure that communications with providers are effective, when it comes to return to work and claim management.

Proof:Positive has developed streamlined claim handling procedures that keep the employer informed of progress and opportunities. We can communicate with your Human Resources and Claims Management Departments to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. We can continually monitor employees’ daily restrictions and progress, and contact the appropriate parties as updates develop.

Demand better communication to and from providers. Your employees’ health and your balance sheet will be better for it.

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