Workplace Injuries

Reducing work comp claims is not only about fostering a safe working environment where on-the-job injuries are less likely to occur, but also about establishing a claim-handling system that discourages fraudulent and un-justified claims.

By minimizing the number and frequency of incidents in the workplace, costs melt away while productivity increases

We offer tailored solutions to meet your needs, including:

Ergonomic Evaluations
Ergonomic Evaluations
Our goal is to help you provide a safe and efficiently designed environment that maximizes productivity and minimizes injury potential.
Safety Training & Seminars
Safety Training & Seminars
Let us take care of your OSHA required training.
Injury Prevention<br>Programs Implementation
Injury Prevention
Programs Implementation
Avoid fines, and let us develop your IIPP program. It’s an OSHA requirement for all companies. Or we can develop and train your managers and staff on your existing IIPP program.
Work Hardening
Work Hardening
Teach your employee’s to be “Warehouse Athletes.”
Onsite Drug Testing Programs
Onsite Drug Testing Programs
Keep your workplace drug-free with an approved system that works!

Free consultation

So, what about the inevitable workplace injury that does occur? We can help you minimize the costs of handling those claims as well.