Work Hardening

In athletics it’s called training and conditioning. In industry it’s called “work hardening”. Employers do not always ask for Olympic level performance, but manual laborers do need mental and physical training to perform tasks efficiently and safely, time after time. 

Work hardening is a cost-effective process designed to make employees more aware of the physical demands of a job, while helping them develop the physical capacity to get it done. 

Employers have turned to work hardening programs to help new employees reach productivity goals more quickly, while minimizing the risks for injury. Employees who are recovering from an injury also benefit by improving conditioning after a prolonged work absence.

Specialization in industry allows employees to focus on a specific set of tasks. When practiced long enough, these tasks become almost automatic and efficiencies are gained. However, if an employee is not properly conditioned for their work, overly stressful movements may become routine. This may lead to injury.

Work Hardening adds value by:

  • Helping new employees achieve production goals quickly
  • Minimizing the risk of strains/sprains in new employees
  • Re-conditioning employees who have been recovering from an injury

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