Onsite Drug Testing Programs

Pre-employment and post-injury drug screening can make your workplace safer and avoid unnecessary costs related to accidents and injuries.

Finding the person with the right skills, who has the right ‘fit’ with the organization, is one of the most important functions in business management. Drug screening is a valuable tool for identifying irresponsible behavior and improving your employee screening process.

Today’s drug screening technology makes it very efficient to collect samples and perform rapid screens. But, you need to work with an organization that understands the legal requirements surrounding the administration of a drug screening program.

Screening onsite offers several advantages:

  • Efficiency – Onsite drug screening is quick and convenient.
  • Effectiveness – Onsite drug screening minimizes opportunities for adulterating a sample
  • Control – Onsite post-incident screening reduces unnecessary medical costs that may occur when screening is done at a medical clinic.

We collect urine or saliva samples of new hires and/or post-accident employees. We then drop an Instant-Drug Screen into the urine sample, and if it is positive, it is shipped to the laboratory via UPS for confirmation. We also perform department of transportation (DOT) and Random Testing Programs in compliance with State and Federal requirements.   

Drug screening can help protect your employees and your business assets, and Proof:Positive can help implement the right drug screening processes for your company.

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