The Proof:Positive Model

Proof:Positive is a full-service consulting consortium that aids in reducing and preventing workplace injuries, neutralizing fraud, and saving valuable insurance dollars; our mission is to reduce injury and illness costs. We accomplish this by raising the awareness of health and safety…

…in the workplace and by developing innovative programs that get injured employees back to work, which minimizes the financial impact of the injury for both the employer and employee.

Return-To-Work is our proven, post-accident prevention program that minimizes workers’ compensation costs and reduces overall losses. The program’s goal is to coordinate and oversee, with proper medical approval, a plan for employees’ return to work, even if it requires a temporary shift in job responsibilities administered through our light-duty program—The Health and Wellness Room.

From the outset, Proof:Positive works with our clients to develop a comprehensive and customizable program that coordinates, addresses, and manages all the elements of an injury. We provide OSHA standard training, first-aid (instead of MD appointments), and enhanced medical treatment (per MD orders), all with the objective of “Zero Lost Time” and reduced costs.

Proof:Positive is based in Red Bluff, California, and has off-site centers throughout the state, as well as in Texas and Washington. We also provide on-site services for organizations across the United States.

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