Spinal Tap: Secrets That Back Surgeons Won’t Tell You

Low back pain is a universal human phenomenon. It affects, not just all occupations, but all age groups. In a given year over 80% of us will experience a bout of back pain. For about 50% of us it will be a memorable event. Between 10% and 20% will find the experience overwhelming. When employees suffer this predicament, they need support from the workplace to avoid becoming entangled in the medico-legal systems surrounding workers’ compensation.

An abundance of providers and products take aim at an employee’s back pain. Braces, mattresses, pills, therapies and surgeries are routinely applied to the aching back. Some of these interventions are ineffective, but harmless. Some are ineffective and harmful. None have proven to significantly alter the course or duration of low back pain.

Surgical stabilization has proven less effective than rehabilitation therapy for low back pain, as well as sciatica. Yet, spending for spinal fusions has increased over 500% in the last 15 years. Employers need not be duped into subjecting employees to ineffective or harmful care.

By providing a supportive workplace, the injured employee will recover more quickly, with better outcomes. Professionally staffed Health and Wellness Rooms offer exactly this kind of support. By remaining active, but within their physical limits, employees can experience quicker recovery from back injuries and return to work faster than employees exposed to surgical interventions. It’s a win-win for the employer and the employee.

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