Reduce Employee Stress During the Holidays

It is a pretty well known fact that the time period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can be crazy and hectic, especially in this time of a failing economy. People are often not thinking about work and their surroundings as they normally do. Many are thinking of the holidays to come and what to do. There could even be some that show up to work in an altered state due to drugs or alcohol because of all the holiday parties and/or the stress that the holidays bring.

During the holidays, more accidents and mishaps seem to occur. We are all anxious to have fun over the holidays and sometimes that takes our minds off our work. Also, there tends to be more ‘accidents’ during this time for people who want to have time off during the holidays while still being paid. Injured employees add to the stress of a company trying to function during the holidays. Deadlines need to be met, money needs to be saved, and maintaining a full staff may be hard during the holidays.

During the holidays you may have several stressed employees, so do your best to create a positive environment at work. Remember to also be very proactive in protecting yourself this time of year against fraud.

Most importantly, set yourself up for success by increasing your safety awareness and making sure your employees have the right tools for the job. Pull out your safety program and hold some safety meetings to bring your employees’ attention back to work. If you are unsure of the safety measures you are providing and the environment in your business, allow Proof:Positive to help you set up a safety program that fits your business. Don’t be caught unprepared for injuries or lost time at work this holiday season. Give yourself the gift of reassurance by using Proof:Positive to help protect your bottom line.

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