Prevent a Holiday Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) from Occurring

The holidays are here and stress and fatigue are on the rise. Being at work, coming home to write holiday cards, and then sending them out can really tire out those hands of yours. Have you noticed that the repetitive movement has caused pain that you may “work through” just to get the job done?

Repetitive Strain Injuries are real and many working individuals experience them without putting a name to it. The most common symptom of RSI is a feeling of general fatigue, but when your strongest workers go on and ignore these symptoms you may end up with long term and seriously debilitated employees.

When you have employees that are performing repetitive motion jobs, be sure to allow for breaks and stretching. Maybe rotate job assignments so you don’t have employees aggravating the ligaments or joints continuously. When you do have a RSI on an employee the best place to be is in the Health and Wellness Room. If light or modified duty is required until repair, or in extreme cases surgery, is completed, Proof:Positive can help educate and rehabilitate employees that have experienced these motion injuries. We are equipped with educational material and therapy area to stretch and regain the strength needed to perform tasks.

Author David Heilbroner wrote in Working Woman, “Victims of full-blown RSI often cannot wash their hair, open a door or even hold a single sheet of paper without agonizing pain. Some of the severely afflicted never recover.” Before this happens be aware of the repetitive motion jobs that are in your work force. Make sure that you, as an employer, are familiar with the array of jobs on your work site that have potential of becoming a repetitive strain injury. This can prevent the irreversible damage that may cost you your prize employee’s hands.

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