Get Your World Turning

Let’s get this straight you have employees that:

  1. Have a specific job goal
  2. Are willing to participate
  3. Have a deficit of their physical, emotional, functional, and occupational abilities
  4. Are at the point that a modified work program would not be prohibited

Are they at home collecting dust? Goodness, I hope not! Let’s get them in a modified program. Get them up, get them moving, and then put them into a work hardening program.  The Health and Wellness Rooms and Work Hardening Programs numbers do not lie, your employees will be up more than 50% faster than if they participated in self recovery at home. Not only that, but money makes the world go round, and it’s the hard workers that turn it for you. Research shows that having employees in a Wellness Program and/ or a Work Hardening Program drastically reduces costs to our inundated workers’ compensation system.

It was stated in an article discussing work hardening and work conditioning, that an investment in return to work strategies, such as using Health and Wellness Rooms or Work Hardening Programs, can result in a return of $8 to $10 for every $1 invested. And that’s just the beginning.

These programs also reduce recurrences while increasing the knowledge of when the injury occurred, why it occurred, and how not to do it again. This includes continual ergonomic training and actual on site prevention training!

All in all, the longer an employee is at home collecting a check due to a work related injury, the more likely they are to stay that way. It’s vital, as an employer, that you have your team in insuperable condition, because with today’s world full of cutbacks and rising costs, time without your elite is not fruitful.

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