Are You on Top of Your Injured Worker’s Progress?

The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” seems to be the perfect phrase to sum up most workers’ compensation claims. Malingering claims seem to develop when you lose contact with an injured employee. Not following up or tracking their progress can cost companies considerable amounts of money.

Health and Wellness Rooms can help keep you in the loop with that injured employee. Constant tracking of their restrictions allows you to see if your injured employee is improving or worsening. When they are at home, they are most likely not following their plan for rehabilitation. Utilizing the Health and Wellness Room allows you to get firsthand knowledge on their restrictions and any changes that may occur. The Health and Wellness Room can help motivate your injured worker to follow through with their therapy and exercise. Keeping structure for the employee helps them stay on track with their recovery.

Another benefit of keeping in touch and following each case is that it allows you to track the progress from the doctor or clinic that you have chosen for your work comp clinic. Let’s face it, some doctors are just not on the same page as you. Getting the injured worker back to work, or referred out to a specialist, may not be a priority for that doctor.

You can protect yourself from malingering claims by developing a solid return to work program.  Use the Health and Wellness Room to your benefit and foster a strong commitment to providing employment to your injured workers during their recovery process. Let the Health and Wellness Room be your first line of defense. The Health and Wellness Room can help you track restrictions, follow up on doctor visits, improvements and worsening, encourage follow through with exercise and therapy, and educate the injured employee about their injury. The Health and Wellness Rooms operates in a positive, reassuring, and motivational way that keeps the injured worker off the couch and active. It promotes self healing and not reliance on the doctor to heal them from their injury. Don’t let your workers’ compensation costs spiral out of control by allowing the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality work its way into your return to work program.

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