What Can a Health and Wellness Room Do For You?

Maybe you have not heard of the term Health and Wellness Room and are not familiar with what its function is. You’re not alone! Surprisingly a lot of people have not heard of this service. Maybe reading some testaments from a few people who have been to a Health and Wellness Room can help clear up the mystery.

A 38 year old warehouse worker experienced his first Health and Wellness Room after hurting his back at work.

“I had been out on disability for about 4 months before hearing about the Health and Wellness Room. My adjuster called me and told me they had a job offer for me. I was surprised because my restrictions had not changed. I was told that I would be getting my 40 hours a week and my regular wages. I was only getting roughly 60 % of my wages on disability. My back was very sore from just laying on the couch but I decided to accept the offer. It was the best thing I could have done! While in the Health and Wellness Room I was given a bunch of information about my injury and how to treat and prevent it in the future. My doctor did not even give me this much info. The room had times allotted for stretch therapy, walking, exercise and ice and heat therapy and I was inspired to get back to work. This structure was perfect for me to get my back injury better. After just two weeks of being in the Health and Wellness Room my back already felt better because I was getting up and going to work and exercising within my restrictions. The Coordinator was an EMT and was able to help motivate me through knowledge and understanding of the body and helped me work within my restrictions to recover.”

This 42 year old female hurt her leg at work and was sent to the Health and Wellness Room to rehabilitate.

“I had twisted my leg on a slippery floor and was taken off regular work and put on light duty. I was just filing papers in the office for awhile. Then I was told they no longer have light duty work for me and I would have to go on disability. This was scary for me because I felt out of work. Later that day I was told to report to a Health and Wellness Room close to where I lived. I was not sure what to expect but I accepted the assignment. The Health and Wellness Room was great! I was able to still get 40 hours a week and my full pay. The room had all kinds of information, and in Spanish too! The Coordinator was so helpful in helping me get the info about my leg injury. The walk times were great! It really helped me exercise my injury and not let it get stiff. I went back to work shortly after but have kept the same routine at work. I still walk on my breaks and exercise more. I felt less stressed and was more able to focus on educating myself for prevention of this type of injury.”

The benefits not only apply to injured employees but to the employers as well. A Health and Wellness Room is a great addition to your safety program. There are several benefits that an employer can receive from establishing a Health and Wellness Room in their IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program):

  • Foster and enhance the physical and psychological recovery process for the injured workers
  • Reduce medical, disability, and lost time costs
  • Reduce indirect accident costs
  • Minimize the chance of re-injury
  • Encourage cooperation between employees and management
  • Establish a more stable workforce
  • Enhance the injured employee’s sense of confidence and well-being

When the Health and Wellness Room returns an injured worker back to work every one wins. Both sides of the claim come out on top, creating a workplace of positive minded workers and safety conscious employers.

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