Health and Wellness Rooms Help Reduce Work Comp Costs

Educating your employee about their injury is a good idea. What benefits do you get when your employee understands safety awareness and proper lifting? Is there a program that can help your injured employees understand their injury, help rehabilitate and return to full duty?

Health and Wellness Rooms are your answer! You can benefit greatly when using the Early Return to Work Program. Our post-accident prevention program can help minimize workers’ compensation costs and reduce overall losses for your company or business. The program works closely with the injured employee’s doctor to develop a plan to return the worker back to full duty. Our Health and Wellness Room can help with those that need a temporary shift in responsibilities through our light-duty program.

In this program we will educate the injured employee. We don’t just rely on the doctor to help the injured worker return to work. They are encouraged – within their restrictions – to walk, stretch and complete the therapy given to them by their doctor to aid in their recovery. They will have the opportunity to read and learn about their injury and ways of prevention. In a classroom environment they will have an open forum to ask and learn about their injuries. All of this will be done with the goal of returning the injured worker back to work quickly, safely, with more awareness of their injury, and with the knowledge of how to prevent future accidents from occuring. This way the injured employee continues to work while earning wages throughout recovery.

Learning can be very infectious and these employees can bring back a positive attitude and knowledge that can be shared with other employees. Let us help you:

Your company can undoubtedly save money with a program like this that has a proven method.

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