Know Your Work – The Benefit of a Physical Demand Analysis

Successfully managing the return-to-work process requires employers to plug a gap in their knowledge. During our management careers, many of us have examined the supply chain, manufacturing process and distribution process. We think we know our business and the work that happens there.

We often don’t.

We don’t know what is required of the employees at the loading dock. We don’t know how difficult it might be to operate the high-torque impact wrench. We can only guess at the physical demands required to get the parts to the manufacturing line.

We don’t need to guess anymore. More…

The Health and Wellness Room

Health and Wellness RoomBy providing injured workers with meaningful projects and ongoing training, The Health and Wellness Room keeps employees from falling “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” and returns employees to work 50 percent faster than disability leave spent at home. Here is how it works:

  • Injured workers attend classes to learn about safety and  proper medical treatment. 
  • Proof:Positive staff coordinates with claims adjusters and medical providers to ensure treatment is progressing on schedule.
  • Proof:Positive develops customized, productive activities—in cooperation with the employee’s supervisor and within physician’s authorization—that keep the employee working and on the payroll.
  • Attendance in the Proof:Positive program is mandatory, which provides accountability measures.
  • Work hardening prepares the employee to return to their original job.
  • The Health and Wellness Room eliminates time off, thereby acting as a deterrent of fraudulent or malingering claims.