Reasons to Protect Your Employees’ Back

Injuries to the spinal column or back region are common, and many of these injuries are preventable. Depending on the type of business you have, using a good lifting program and educational safety system, can help protect your employees from injury.

Here are some compelling reasons to protect your employees from back injuries:

  • 80% of Americans will have a back injury that requires medical attention
  • Back injuries are the second most common cause of lost work time, next to the common cold
  • Injured backs are often subject to re-injury
  • In addition to missed work, there may be major costs accrued by your company
  • Back injuries alone cost the American industry $10- 14 billion in workers compensation costs and about 100- million lost workdays annually

 Source: Design to Success

Take the time to analyze your company or business and see if your safety program protects you and your employees. Proof:Positive can help you save money and create a safe environment with safety educated employees.

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