Promote a Healthy and Active Lifestyle for Your Employees

With this very fast paced job world it is very important to remember the environment that is being promoted in your workplace. Your employee’s health is often linked to the environment and the health of the company. The benefits of having healthy employees can produce increased job satisfaction, improved morale, reduced illness and injuries, and increased productivity. Creating a healthy environment is not hard, expensive or time consuming. Any business or organization can promote a healthy workplace. Here are some suggestions to get you started in the right direction:

Healthy Eating

  • Serve healthy foods during meetings
  • Have your cafeterias serve a healthy menu
  • Use healthy conscious vendors for your vending machines
  • Provide a means for people to share healthy recipes by holding contests so the employees can become involved with each other and share their ideas on healthy eating


Active Living

  • Plan events and group activities that encourage an active lifestyle
  • Create walking programs 
  • Have stretch breaks
  • Offer on-site health professionals
  • Provide a supportive environment in the workplace that makes healthy choices easy such as bike racks, shower facilities, walking or running routes within the vicinity of their work site, gym facilities, and clean, safe, accessible stairwells
  • Help with costs for employees to join gyms
  • Include physical activity and nutrition information in newsletters, paycheck inserts or bulletin boards
  • Start walking clubs for your employees and management


Health and Wellness Rooms provide a place for your employees to educate themselves on how to be a productive and healthy employee. Healthy employees benefit everyone by providing a positive place to work and an inviting environment for the entire business.

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