Economy Down…Workers’ Compensation Claims Down…Time to Catch Up

A large staffing firm has watched workers’ compensation claims plummet in lock-step with the stock market. Has your claim frequency decreased? Maybe the decrease in claims has occurred because production has slowed. Or, maybe folks with minor strains are afraid to rock the boat by filing a claim. This particular staffing firm has seen a much greater decrease in the number of minor claims, which might support the latter hypothesis.

Whatever the cause, employers have a good opportunity to review their safety programs. Instead of running down information for a claim adjuster, we can add value by making sure the programs are up-to-date with current regulations and current operations.

Safety programs are more than binders. They must be living documents that continuously support production activities in a proactive organization.

  1. Start with the OSHA standards. (Make sure that changes in your operations don’t qualify you for additional regulation)
  2. Determine how you will comply. (Engineering, PPE, training, etc.)
  3. Create a training/development plan to continuously reinforce the desired activities in the minds of your employees. (Use technology. Get creative.)
  4. Get folks involved. Distribute your Job Safety Analyses and ask your employees how you can do better.
  5. Document the improvements you make and update

Contact Proof:Positive to assist in your safety program development.

Don’t wait until the next recession to review your programs. There’s gold to be mined in this exercise.

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