Be Proactive When It Comes to Workers Compensation Fraud

It is much easier to prevent workers compensation fraud than it is to prove it. As an employer it is important to make sure to hire people who have the skills and the character that best fit with your company. Having a sound hiring policy is a good place to start.

Here are a few suggestions on how to be proactive:

  • Hire wisely. Conduct background checks on all applicants, and verify their references.
  • Focus on safety. Making the workplace safer reduces the chance of accidents and the opportunity to fake an injury.
  • Develop a return-to-work policy. Tell job candidates that if they get hurt on the job, the company will work with the doctor to help them return to work as soon as medically possible.
  • Educate, don’t threaten. Explain that workers compensation fraud hurts everyone, not just the insurance carrier. Let employees know that fraudulent claims can force employers to decrease benefits, lay off employees, or go out of business.
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance policy. Make it clear that fraud can carry serious consequences, including termination and prosecution.
  • Stay in touch. Keep regular contact with employees who are off work due to injury or illness. Document each contact or attempted contact. Injured workers who are difficult to contact or who are belligerent may be committing fraud.

This may all sound like a lot to do to keep your company safe. Proof:Positive can help. Let one of our representatives show you how you can protect your business.

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